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  • How often do we meet over zoom for 1:1 coaching?
    We will meet once a week for the first three weeks, then it will change to biweekly for a total of 12 weeks.
  • What are my transformation tasks assigned at the end of each meeting?
    These are short tasks 10-30 minutes in length customized to you and your specific needs. Some example could be, meditation, journal writing, mantras, vision board, or making a change to your environment. They are created specifically for you and will allow you to get the most from your transformation.
  • Will I lose weight from our coaching sessions?
    The focus of our sessions are to get you to move away from body shaming and to embrace your self worth. Part of this process includes raising your vibration through grounding and do make changes to your daily habits. You will definitely notice a difference in your energy levels and raising your vibration can help you achieve a healthy weight, but weight loss is not the focus.
  • What if I don't reach my goal by the end of our twelve weeks?
    We will continue to work together and may add a few sessions if needed to achieve your desired goal. It is important to know that mindset coaching is a collaborative process of transformation, it is not a "done for you" technique. You must put in the work and be invested in our time together and your independent transformation tasks.
  • What if I don't like Mindset Coaching after our first few sessions?
    If you feel that it is not for you, then we can end our time together and you will receive a refund of 50%.
  • What can I expect from each coaching session?
    The first few sessions I will get a deep understanding of your goal, your daily habits, and how your environment is helping or hindering you in this process. These are an in-depth conversation to pave the way to our change work together. After those sessions, we will more into other mindset modalities that work with the subconscious mind. These sessions will be a release of negative emotions, beliefs, and energy.
  • Is Mindset Coaching therapy?
    Mindset Coaching is not meant to replace therapy or advice from your health care physician, instead it is a holistic and alternative way of raising your vibration and changing your lifestyle to achieve a happier and healthier version of yourself.
  • What if I don't feel any different after our session?
    Some clients can experience profound emotional relief during our sessions together and others will feel the same as they did before the session. When working with the subconscious mind it can take some time to notice changes in your thoughts and behaviors. It might be right away or it might take a few weeks. If you are invested in our sessions and doing the tasks at home, you will be transforming!


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