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“Before working with Amber I was depressed, unmotivated, late for events, and slept too much. After one on one mindset coaching with Amber, everything changed. In three short months, my life transformed. I was able to get off of antidepressants after four years. My anger and depression subsided. I finally felt free, light, and motivated. Working with Amber has made the biggest impact on my life. I am forever grateful. “

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Jessica, Roon

"I am so grateful for Amber and her mindset coaching. It really does help to say your feelings out loud and to learn from them. We have only had two sessions so far, yet I feel like we have had so many breakthroughs. Oh my goodness, I am so grateful and thankful."

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Sara Loomis

"What a powerful mindset session I had with Amber. During Timeline therapy I  learned so much about compassion towards myself and others. What a blessing.

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Full Transformation Story

Before meeting Amber I was unhappy with my life and at a loss for how to make it better. I read hundreds of books, went to church, meditated, and even went to several doctor visits for blood work to find out what was wrong with me. The doctors dismissed me and prescribed me an antidepressant. This felt wrong, but I was willing to try anything. I had everything going for me. A wonderful family and a happy home, yet I felt off. The medication made me feel out of it. I noticed that I was eating poorly because something was blocking my brain that usually was telling me I was full. I gained 20 pounds. I told myself that I would try the medication for a year. After a year, I tried to slowly get off my medication but I was never warned of how difficult it would be. I couldn't do it. I suffered and so did my family. I stayed on the medication for 4 more years. I was lost. I slept a lot and then I thought I was sleeping too much. I worked out and was so drained. I thought I was working out too much. Every day I was drained. I woke up drained. I struggled to get to work on time. Then my tardiness was affecting my kindergartener, who was now late for school every day. I knew if I continued to live life this way, that my son would eventually struggle in a similar way. In the end, I became more depressed on the medication and I knew it wasn't the solution to my problem. The only thing it made me feel was sedation, but I was scared to live without it. I didn’t want to be the stressed-out tornado like I was in the past. When I went to Amber for help, I told her that I wanted to focus on my procrastination with my business. I started a business and it was going well but I felt so scattered and unorganized. Every time I sat down to focus and work, I couldn’t. My passion was there but the motivation was low. In three short months, she helped me with that and so much more. We ended up diving so much deeper than I thought and the change work was truly transformative. I met with Amber once a week and she gained my trust right away. I felt compelled to share my truth with her about my struggles with self-medicating, anger, depression, and constant worry. She was so wonderful. Every time we got off the Zoom call I felt great. From day one, I felt the moving and shifting of energy in my body and mind. She gave me homework that I looked forward to and I felt like she took the time to understand the issues instead of dismissing me the way my doctors had. I felt heard and she listened even when I didn't think I made sense. She knew what I was saying because she gave me the most wonderful advice for each situation. I was healing! We were on to something. As weeks passed, I looked forward to meeting with her. Amber was down-to-earth and everything she recommended was really helpful. I put my all into my homework and weekly sessions. As we continued to meet together, we worked with the subconscious mind to release negative emotions and limiting beliefs. When we released procrastination, it released fast and I immediately felt lighter. Since that meeting, I'm proud to say that I have been on time for everything. One of my goals was accomplished. Afterward, something happened that I would have never expected. In one of my sessions with Amber, we worked on releasing fear from the subconscious mind. It was so deep and so powerful and hard to remove. I moved up and down a timeline of my life where the root of the fear had implanted itself in my subconscious. The energy was so powerful and it moved to a place on the timeline before I was even born. I cried. What I felt at this moment, I knew to be true. Later, I asked my mom how her pregnancy was with me and she reminded me that my older brother was hit by a trailer and meta-flighted to the hospital. They had no insurance at that time. My mother had worried so much during her pregnancy with me in fear of losing my brother and the expenses of it all. This fear was flowing through my body before I could consciously remember. Everything made sense. All the self-improvement I tried to make my life better was pointless because I couldn't get to the root of my emotions. I was immediately reminded of the quote.."As Above, So Below." My Root system was so damaged with hurt, anger, worry, and fear that it had taken all my energy daily. The list goes on. Each week we removed more and more. My roots were healing. I got my strength back. I went less and less without my medication. When the medication was getting out of my system it was very hard and emotional. Amber helped me through it. She gave me more of her time, just to help me through it. Each week, it got a little easier and soon I began to eat better, and think clearer and I finally learned how to sit with my emotions instead of suppressing them like I had since childhood. I was finally feeling again! I was born with a blanket of fear and anger. How was I to know this? So I'm asking you this. If you know that something isn't right and you have tried everything, then I think you should connect with Amber. My life is finally the life that I knew was possible. I almost gave up because the doctors told me that this was just life and that’s how it is...But I'm here to tell you, it's not. I never gave up searching for answers, and working with Amber has made the biggest impact on my life. I'm sharing this in hopes to help someone like you finally live your best life. Whoever is reading this, I hope you continue to heal yourself because you're not just healing yourself but future generations. If Amber and I would have never met, I would still be struggling. My son would be carrying my burden and my life would not be the same. In three short months, I did the change work to transform my life and it was with the wisdom, intuition, and tools that Amber provided. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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