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Magic does exist. It starts with your mindset

In case you missed my last Instagram post, I posted a picture of me writing in my manifestation journal, a journal I use when I start to feel lost and stuck with something in my life.

For the past three weeks, I have been applying to endless nanny jobs on and nanny groups on Facebook. I even made flyers on Canva advertising my services. I was tired of the endless checking of Facebook to see if anyone had commented on my nanny advertisement post or to see if any new jobs popped up on After a few weeks of dealing with flaky parents, or people who wanted full time care for an infant, I realized that I was starting to have a negative mindset about finding a nanny job. I felt anger, frustration, fear, and anxiousness.

I decided that it was time to shift my mindset. As a result, I paused from social media and I told myself I would only check my Facebook messages and account when I was notified and I wouldn't waist time endlessly scrolling and searching for the perfect job. Instead, I would write in my journal.

One of my favorite mindset shifting tasks I do when I feel stu

ck, is to write in my journal expressing gratitude to the universe for already having what it is I want. For example, in my entry a few days ago , I wrote “thank you universe for now I am working with older children and not babies. Thank you for being paid $23 dollars an hour and I am so happy that I only work a few days a week”. … I wrote my entry, closed my eyes and did my manifestation meditation and visualized it into existence.

Two days later I get a message from a woman who wants me to watch her two children ages 6 and 10 for the summer. The job is Tues, Thur, and Fr

i and the pay is $23. IT is literally exactly what I manifested in my journal a few days ago. I spoke with the lady on the phone and then my family and hers met at the park. It was a perfect fit. The kids were the age that I wanted, the pay, hours, and days of the week was exactly what I manifested. Most importantly, it will be easy and fun for me and Satori will have playmates all summer. I couldn't have been happier with the family and they felt the same about me.

Mindset shifts work!!!! I recognized the negativity in me, I stopped it in its tracks, and I moved into my favorite technique of journaling gratitude to the universe for something that I want, then trusting myself, trusting the universe, and stepping back to surrender.

Magic does exist. We are magical. Life is magical. Mindset Coaching is magical.

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